Sea view Resort Malindi - Lamu road - P.O Box 5799 - 80200 Malindi - Kenya



The beautiful Cottages at Seaview Resort Malindi will cater for both Self Catering & Non Catering guests. We have 10 Cottages and 11 deluxe double rooms all elegantly finished to a very high standard. All Cottages are fully air conditioned, with DSTV and several other local channels, en-suit facilities, mini bars and a private veranda for your comfort.
Our professional and friendly staff will ensure you receive personalized and homely service.


We offer a high degree of quality for our customers.


Our restaurant offers international cuisine, with à la carte, and local food.


We have double and triple rooms, and rooms with a kitchen, self contained

Remo Briziarelli

Remo Briziarelli is a chef from international experience that starts its journey fifteen years ago collaborating with several restaurants and then open one of his own in 1998. In 2001,his adventurous spirit led him to Kenya, where for three years he worked in severalrestaurants and resort snatching cultures, tastes and ways of cooking from around theworld. On his return after a brief hiatus, he decided to return to his old passion and begins to work occasionally with Cristian Magri at Il Vicolo Corsico, which captures the end of 2007. However, the space is narrow and here last year takes the opportunity to open Il Vicolo in the wider area of the former postal station of Corsico.

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About Sea View Resort

We are a 3 star resort, offering accommodation, restaurant, bar, swimming
pool, beach & conference facilities.
All rooms are fitted with television connected to DSTV, air condition and fan,
Fridge, a large bed that can be separated to make 2 twin beds and a private
balcony. 6 of the rooms are fitted with an extra bed for a third person.

All meals can be served in the room on request from the client. Wi-Fi services
Free but one has to ask for the password from the front desk.

About Malindi

Malindi has been a Swahili settlement since the 14th century. Once rivaled only by Mombasa for dominance in this part of East Africa, Malindi has traditionally been a port city for foreign powers. In 1414, the town was visited by the fleet of the Chinese explorer Zheng He. Malindi’s ruler sent a personal envoy with a giraffe as a present to China on that fleet.
The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama met Malindi authorities in 1498 to sign a trade agreement and hire a guide for the voyage to India, when he erected a coral pillar. The pillar stands to this day, though there have been calls by conservationists to take care of it, since soil erosion might make the pillar fall into the ocean. It is a fairly popular tourist attraction for both local and international tourists. In 1499 the Portuguese established a trading post in Malindi that served as a resting stop on the way to and from India. A church dates from this era.
Many traditional buildings survive, including the Juma Mosque and palace on the beach, a stretch popular with tourists.